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MDK - Milkey Dairy Kit - Turn Key Project

AGL, Provides a full solution to agricultural projects,
either standard or tailor made to provide a satisfactory
product for any special requirement. for any special requirement

Technical Information‬

Design Center

- Custom made project
- Innovative engineering solution for any costumer need
- Talented and highly-qualified team with decades of experience
- Latest design technologies

Research & Development Dep.

- Developing all products in house
- Applying latest material and technologies to deliver best product quality-price 
- Working shoulder to shoulder with our partners and suppliers, to insure our products follow our principals 
- Follow up, analysis and improvement of all products in our Manufacturing Center, partners & suppliers

Manufacturing Center

- High capacity manufacturing center
- Advance scheduling system to provide quick delivery
- Process insurance to guaranty stable products & quality
- Lean manufacturing production system to achieve best quality-price
- Environmentally friendly manufacturing production system
- Constant process improvement powered by R&D Dep.

Consultancy Service

- AGL, Provides Consultancy services in Agricultural & Industrial projects 

What's is MDK

MDK - Milkey Dairy Kit, is a modern milking parlor that integrates edge cutting dairy technology, decades of dairy knowledge put together with finest engineering design to a new concept design. AGL principals focus in the final quality of dairy products as to the comfort of the live stock.


MDK 10
Easy leveling system, with base Ground profiles to adapt the structure to any un even floor

MDK 14
Construction by blocks insure solid consolidation of the whole parlor, with and easy and fast assembling (2.1)Optional protection Roof , covering MDK working area, with Roof of 1 water front, in case the parlor is place independently

MDK 24

Front Door with reinforce hinge, and easy opening and closing from inside the Milker working area. Middle Milker working area, easy accessible from back and front with special Milking window to allow easier access and milking position. With a fast closing chain for the window included.

MDK 29

Operation Box bridge, build and integrated on top of the Side Wall Frame, adjustable to operator convenience.

MDK 35

Full time visual access of Operation Box display, enables to control milking process in real time from working position of operator while milking.

MDK 42

Positioning side adjustment device, to insure the cow moves to Milker working area side, making easier the Milking process.

Dairy Unit

AGL dairy units is a business design of cow shelter & MDK

Easy start up with minimum investment

We help you to grow your business in easy way, economical sustainable, with no extra investment once you decide expand the dairy farm. Modular MDK, allows to start up with a minimum investment, to easy upgrade the milking parlor in stations as business grows. AGL Team will coach you through the business planning, advising what is the best option for your need.

2nd FACE

AGL Knowledge in Dairy business can forecast your Dairy business for the future, making a portfolio of different options, making very flexible and easy future expansions

MDK 24


MDK 54

Feeding area

MDK 58

Milk processing room

MDK 45

High ventilation

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