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Designing Agricultural Projects

AGL designs and plans a wide range of agricultural projects from the very inception to the successfully completed result— from field to crop.

We are experts in:

  • Layout designs
  • Complete greenhouse designs
  • Irrigation systems
  • Soil preparations
  • Preparation of growing media for greenhouses

All these services are, of course, executed taking into account the needs of the client, the climate, overall environment, and budget concerns.

In-house Design and Manufacturings

AGL utilizes in-house design and manufacturing, ensuring high-quality products and complete control over the entire process. Everything is specifically tailored to the customer. We supervise, plan and produce all the important elements for our clients’ projects, leaving no stone unturned and optimizing their agricultural solutions.

In-house Design Irrigation Systems

In-house Irrigation systems are an essential part of our all-inclusive agricultural projects. AGL employs a hands-on method of production done solely in-house to create an irrigation system that is absolutely accustomed for our clients’ requirements.

Dairy Farm Projects

AGL also specializes in dairy farm projects. Our expertise starts from planning and design and is followed through down to the nutritional needs of the livestock. Milkey, a subsidiary company of AGL, can provide customers with dairy farming solutions-- “From Glass to Grass”. We use only the most advanced, computerized, high-tech milking systems, getting the most efficient milk production possible.

Complete Technical Support

We guarantee full technical and logistical support during and after the implementation of our projects. We have extensive knowledge and experience, and we never leave our clients on their own to deal with any problems or questions that may arise. AGL is always with them to help and advise.